The Liberal Death Wish

April 11, 2010 17:30

It should come as no surprise that the ultimate result of the elimination of greenhouse gases is the elimination of life

By Bob Beers at Canada Free Press

The quote below comes from a paper published through the University of Arizona. The article is a tutorial on the greenhouse effect and it is written in language simple enough for even a liberal to understand…unless that liberal happens to be a Hollywood celebrity or Al Gore.

“…Let’s see how this works for a planet with no atmosphere. At the position of Earth, the absorbed sunlight is 240 Watts/meter2. In equilibrium, this means that the planet would lose heat to space—as infrared radiation—also at a rate 240 Watts/meter2. How can we calculate the temperature from this? Detailed measurements show that, mathematically, the relationship between heat loss and temperature can be described by the equation F = &sigma T4, where F is the rate of heat loss (the “heat flux”) and &sigma is a fundamental physical constant (called the Stephan-Boltzmann constant) with a value of 5.67 x 10-8 Watts/meter2 Kelvin4. We can rearrange this equation to state that, for a planet with no atmosphere,

T = (F/&sigma)1/4.

Plugging in F=240 Watts/meter2 and &sigma=5.67 x 10-8 Watts/meter2 Kelvin4, we find that T=255 K, which corresponds to a temperature of -18oC or 0oF.

Thus, if Earth had no greenhouse effect, the average surface temperature would be 0oF—far below the freezing temperature! The oceans would be totally frozen and life would not exist on Earth. “

Since organizations such as the Sierra Club and other environazi alliances have stated that one of the primary goals they are shooting for is that of population reduction, it should come as no surprise that the ultimate result of the elimination of greenhouse gases is the elimination of life.

So, does this mean that liberalism really desires to end all life on earth? No, of course not, what it means is that if you take the time to reduce the liberal argument down to the basics of an equation you find the end result. It all comes down to politics. Al Gore no more has a death wish than Obama has love for Rush Limbaugh. What he and all the other liberal leaders have is exactly the same thing that drove personalities like Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler and David Koresh; a desperate need for power. Just like all of their causes, the Global Warming hoax is simply a means to an end.

For decades the progressives (socialists) have been chipping away at the central core of American culture…the belief in a creator. The first few chips removed the personalization; the idea that you had a one on one relationship with the one who set the universe into being. The next chips took away the family relationship and the honoring of the father and mother. Along with that came the respect for elders, paving the pathway into illiteracy, since one of those elders happens to be teachers. An illiterate flock is much easier to sheer than a literate one, so to consolidate that goal, liberalism infected the teaching profession.

After that came the removal of the idea of individual worth and love of country, and the allegiance to a common goal of freedom and integrity. Now all the liberals had to do was find a scapegoat on which to pin all of the trouble that their programs had and will cause, especially since anyone bothering to check would find that every single liberal claim is an outright lie.

Did you know that, under regular driving situations, adhering to the speed limit, paying attention to road conditions, that sort of thing, that an eight-cylinder Jaguar sedan is more efficient, gets better mileage and runs cleaner than a same year four-cylinder subcompact? Did you know that by adding all the so-called “green” do-dahs to engines in American we are actually making them less efficient and less clean?

Were you aware that allowing a field to be grazed by cattle causes fewer harmful emissions to be put into the atmosphere than if the field is left to grown undisturbed?

Did you know that as far back as 2002 a number of scientists not associated with the liberal mindset found that the earth may be entering a cooling phase rather than a warming one?


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