9 people including police wounded in Colombian bomb attack

May 26, 2010 08:22

And you thought US politics was rough.

by Mike Whipple, Sr. Editor

At least nine people, including civilians and policemen, were wounded when an explosive device was thrown from a motorcycle into the headquarters of the ruling party presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos, in the southern Colombian city of Pasto.

The Attorney reported that the explosion damaged several properties around the headquarters of presidential candidate and former defense minister, including the Immediate Reaction Unit, URI, of the judiciary.

At the site of the explosion there are several commercial establishments, so there was great panic among the people near the blast.

Reports from the Justice Department indicated that a few weeks ago they had asked that the headquarters be moved to a less crowded location to minimize the danger of a possible terrorist attack against him.

Santos is one of the favorite candidates and has a good chance of winning in the first round to be held next Sunday and is tied, according to recent polls, with former mayor of Bogota, Antanas Mockus, who is the candidate supported by Hugo Chavez and the socialists.

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