Celebs doing something useful? Demi talks sex trafficking

May 5, 2010 06:39

“We had no idea the magnitude of the issue of modern day slavery and had absolutely no idea what was happening here in America,” she said. “The numbers were so overwhelming.”


Demi Moore was watching television one night a couple of years ago with her husband, Ashton Kutcher, when they stumbled upon an Dateline piece on MSNBC on the sex trade in Cambodia.

Both Moore and Kutcher were instantly captivated.

“It has these five, six, seven year old girls who were enslaved and forced to engage in sex acts with adult men,” Moore said in a lengthy sit-down interview with POLITICO on Tuesday, as she traveled from Capitol Hill to the White House. “I think it just really took us. It hit us in a really deep place.

“As a mother of three girls, I looked at these little girls who had Barbie lunch boxes in the room with the undercover cameras and I tried to grasp the reality that they’re being forced to give oral sex to an adult man,” she continued. “It was incomprehensible. And we just thought, we can’t live in a world without doing something.”


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