Five Florida Democrats explain their support for ex-Republican Senate candidate Charlie Crist

May 6, 2010 03:30

Crist going the way of Arlen specter is picking up support among Democrats.

By Mike Riggs – The Daily Caller

At least a handful of of Florida’s 5 million registered Democrats plan to vote for Independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist. The Daily Caller spoke to five who belong to a Facebook group called “Democrats for Charlie Crist for Senate 2010,” which has a total of 91 members, about their reasons for supporting the former Republican. All say they can’t abide Marco Rubio winning, and not one has a lick of faith in Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek.

With one exception, none are involved in electoral politics: One is a retiree and one is a former public school teacher; another holds an MBA and reads the New York Times; yet another has a second home in the Berkshires. Two of the five work at nonprofit organizations that focus on community outreach and public service. Two are African-American, one is Jewish, four are women, one is not. Most have kids, one has grandchildren. In fact, one told The Daily Caller, “I am old enough to be your grandmother.”

In addition to self-identifying as lifelong Democrats who plan to vote for Crist in November, they have a few other things in common.

“I think Meek can’t win and Rubio is far too conservative,” said Judy Slotnick (grandmother and retiree). Slotnick believes that Marco Rubio is a “very very dangerous man” and refers to Tea Partiers as “teabags.” Terrified of the latter two, Slotnick temporarily registered as a Republican just so she could cast a primary ballot for Crist. Now that Crist is running as an Independent, Slotnick is going to stick with the free-floating governor because she finds Meek, well, meek.


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