Obama’s Ostrich Strategy

May 7, 2010 05:20

The community organizer thinks a collective head in the sand will make Us more likable and hence safer.

By at American Spectator

To listen to the Obama Administration, it’s appears they can’t decide which country is more difficult to deal with — Iran or Israel? The debacle of P.M. Netanyahu’s March trip to the White House was alluded to only by the few Obama aides who were allowed to speak, and they tended to mumble defensively.

Of course no word was given out of exactly what went wrong, though if there was a consistent theme it was Netanyahu’s obdurate stance. It is suggested by White House apologists that the Israeli leader just wouldn’t accept the logic of peaceful negotiation and diplomatic/economic pressure so eloquently presented by the U.S. president. Ultimately the impression is given that the Israelis, led by Bibi Netanyahu, are hell bent on blowing up Iran no matter what is suggested by the wise Barack Obama.

If the entire situation weren’t so serious, the White House’s concerted effort in seeking to condemn Israel as an irresponsible bully would be laughable. The Obama portrait of a big bad Israel is supposed to show the Muslim countries of the Middle East that Washington is now truly even-handed. The Palestinians of all hues will dance in joy and the Iranians supposedly will understand the error of their way — or something!


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