Arizona Senator Jon Kyl gives a (snarky) lesson in geography

June 28, 2010 04:44

Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl wrote to West (woman who didn’t know Arizona was on the border)  informing her that his home state did in fact share a border with Mexico and that it would do her well to read the law and learn some geography before spouting off about the issue again.

By Chris Moody – The Daily Caller

No one is safe in today’s hyper-connected 24-hour news cycle, a vicious world

Sen. Kyle's map showing where Arizona is

where even the most obscure and absurd local story will suffer the fate of national attention — and ridicule. Peggy West, who sits on the Milwaukee Board of Supervisors, is the latest victim.

While most just get knocked around by snarky bloggers and unforgiving pundits, last week’s victim made it all the way to the U.S. Senate.

While debating last week whether the city of Milwaukee should end business relations with Arizona over the state’s new immigration law, West argued that Arizona’s law was unacceptable because she said the state did not share a border with foreign country nor did it have a problem with illegal immigration.


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