Obama asks congress to take $50 BILLION from taxpayers to bail out unions in failed cities and states

June 14, 2010 04:22

In what is becoming a never ending game plan, Obama has requested the Democrat controlled congress to to borrow another $50 BILLION dollars to give to nearly bankrupt cities and states. Some of that money will flow back to Democrat campaigns in the form of dues paid by the union employees.

Obama sent a letter to congress Saturday saying the US is “at a critical juncture in our nation’s path to economic recovery.” Translation – the stimulus didn’t work.

Obama wants congress to ‘move quickly’ for ’emergency’ funds. Notice everything is an emergency with this administration. That is because ’emergency’ funding bills are exempt from the pay-go rule and that will give Democrats cover to pass the bill without any offset cuts in spending.

Some states have lived more frugally and have balanced budget amendments. Some states spent wildly on liberal socialist policies and government employee unions. Now the frugal are asked to bail out the free spenders. When you give drugs to an addict your are enabling the addict to continue the addiction. Some cities and states are addicted to spending. It is unconstitutional for the federal government to take money from thrifty states and give it to states who have been reckless in spending.

The cry is always about saving teachers, firefighters and police jobs. These are part of the union cabal that supported Obama and the Democrats and plans to spend over $100 MILLION in 2010 elections to try and save Democrat incumbents. So part of this $50 BILLION will be paid back to Democrats in the form of dues collected from unions to finance campaigns for Democrats and the union agenda.

States like California must be made to reign in their spending or it will never end.  That is up to those cities and states to determine. Those jobs might be saved by privatizing city services, eliminating waste and duplication in state agencies or just cutting back in some areas. In some cases the public employee unions must be made to accept reductions in outlandish pension plans or high salaries. In some cases the answer might be to eliminate collective bargaining for state and city employees.

The solution is not more borrowed money  from tax payers across the US. This is a problem that was created locally by the states and cities and should be faced by them, not a bailout by the federal government.

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