Obama the Isolationist?

June 23, 2010 05:37

America’s global influence is visibly and voluntarily shrinking because of Obama’s foreign policy.

Tony Blankley at NRO

Is it possible for an American president to accidentally carry out an isolationist foreign policy? That odd question crossed my mind last week as I talked with various foreign-policy experts about the Middle East, Russia, and Afghanistan. Judging by his words and his travels, there can be no doubt that President Obama intends to be anything but an isolationist president. He proudly called himself a citizen of the world while in Berlin during the campaign. He has gone out of his way to travel the world, speak to the world, and reach out for the favorable judgment of all the peoples of the world.

And yet, wherever one looks, one sees American influence visibly and voluntarily shrinking. Consider three world hot spots: the Middle East, Russia and its near abroad, and Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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