Republicans Won’t Rule Out Filibuster of Kagan Over Liberalism, Inexperence

June 28, 2010 05:29

Pointing out that Elena Kagan has the least amount of judicial experience of any Supreme Court nominee in the last 50 years, Sen. Jeff Sessions and other leading Republicans are not ruling out a Senate filibuster to block the nomination.

WASHINGTON – Even as President Barack Obama labeled criticisms of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan “thin gruel,” Republicans wouldn’t rule out a filibuster to block the liberal activism many suspect she’ll bring to the bench, a key GOP senator said Sunday.

Kagan, who as solicitor general has represented the Obama administration before the court, will begin Monday the first of several grillings on her record and judicial views before lawmakers.

“If things come out to indicate she’s so far outside the mainstream, it’s conceivable a filibuster might occur,” said Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

For Kagan, who has never before served as judge, “lack of experience is very significant,” Sessions told CBS television’s “Face the Nation.”


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