Somebody is lying about border security- our money is on Obama

June 21, 2010 13:23

White House says Jon Kyle was lying when he said Obama told him the border security was being held up for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ which we all know is code for amnesty for illegals. So who really is lying? We have a history of Obama lies so the smart money is on him.

Obama and the Democrats continue to cause a grave national security threat by not securing the border. Even Obama’s own Department of Homeland Security has issued warnings of terrorists being smuggled across the porous border.

Senator Kyle confirms that Obama and the Democrats are holding border security as hostage for amnesty

Obama administration cedes control of part of Arizona to Mexican drug cartels

Hidden cameras at the border show the serious problem

Is Cuba Smuggling Terrorists into the U.S. through Mexico and Arizona?

Drug cartels smuggling illegals create security risk, officials say

Environmental rules hurting border security

Bordering Disaster – will it take a major catastrophe to secure the border?


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