Colombia Seeks OAS Action in Rebels Dispute With Venezuela

July 19, 2010 08:23

Colombia has asked the Organization of American States to hold a meeting of its permanent council to address Bogota’s accusation that leftist guerrillas are hiding in neighboring Venezuela.

Colombian officials made the request Friday, after Venezuela recalled its ambassador to Bogota to protest the allegations.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, in rejecting Bogota’s claims, called them a new attempt by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to destroy relations between the two countries. The ministry accused Colombia of “lies, aggression and disrespect” against Venezuela, and said Venezuela will take “firm” political and diplomatic measures if the situation continues.

Mr. Uribe’s office said Thursday it had proof that four leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, and one leader from the National Liberation Army (or ELN) were in Venezuela.  FARC leader Ivan Marquez was among those named.


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