Deceiving Dems plan to put ‘deemed passed’ budget wording in war funding bill

July 1, 2010 16:53

Stuart Varney on Fox News reported that the war funding bill will include language that a budget is ‘deemed passed’ so they can claim they passed a budget even though there isn’t one. This is the great transparency Obama promised, the ‘most ethical’ congress that Pelosi claimed? What a farce! How can Americans keep returning these people to office? Editorial

by Mike Whipple, Senior Editor

An article in The Hill points out that Democrats also want to add $15 billion in social spending to the bill. Democrats call this ’emergency funding’ so that they can avoid the pay-go rule.

A Washington Examiner article explains further that Democrats ‘social’ spending includes ‘$10 billion to cover the salaries of about 140,000 public school employees’ as a pay back to unions. More vote buying. Don’t believe the hype about teacher layoffs, its a myth. So why do Democrats insist on spending more borrowed taxpayer dollars to fund teachers? Its the money.

The top 20 recipients of campaign contributions from public sector unions are all Democrats. Unions plan to spend at least $100 million to keep Democrat incumbents in power. It simply recycles your money. Your funds pay teacher or other public union salaries. Unions collect dues from those salaries which they use to pay Democrats in the form of contributions and campaign work to keep them in office so they can fund union salaries and benefits at higher and higher rates. Your tax money is being used to campaign against you.

These ever increasing salaries and especially pensions and benefits are bankrupting cites and states across America. That is why there is a big push from Democrats to make you pay for the unfunded union pensions.

Its a vicious cycle that can only be broken in two ways. First, union supporting Democrats must be voted out of office. Some should probably go to jail. Then all cities and states should end collective bargaining for public employees. It wasn’t always allowed. It was put in place by John Kennedy with an Executive Order 10988
January 17, 1962. Work in your state to at least make it a right to work state where workers are free to work without joining a union if they so choose. We must break the cycle of unions supporting Democrats supporting unions.

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