Dems block GOP attempt to halt Arizona lawsuit

July 22, 2010 10:38

Senate Democrats on Wednesday turned back a move by Republicans to block the Justice Department from pursuing its lawsuit seeking to overturn Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

By ANDREW TAYLOR; Associated Press Writer at

The bid by South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint to nix the lawsuit came out on the losing end of a 55-43 vote. Five Democrats voted to block the lawsuit while two Republicans voted against the measure.

The law requires officers, while enforcing other laws, to check a person’s immigration status if there’s a reasonable suspicion the person is in this country illegally.

The administration argues that the law is unconstitutional because immigration is a federal responsibility. Some claim the law will result in racial profiling.

The law has whipped up election-year passions, but most vulnerable Democrats stayed behind the administration despite polling that shows voters generally support the controversial law. Hispanic voters are a valuable Democratic-leaning constituency.


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