Economy Dominates as Nation’s Most Important Problem

July 16, 2010 06:07

But dissatisfaction with government/Congress/politicians; poor leadership; corruption; abuse of power ranks number three behind only the economy and jobs but ahead of immigration, health care, disaster response and debt according to a Gallup poll.

It is interesting to note that government dissatisfaction fell 3% and illegal immigration rose 2% since last month’s poll. Response to disaster went down a whopping 11% in one month which shows that Obama’s clamp down on reporting on the spill has worked in public opinon.

Gallup warns that the economy has dominated the poll for the last two years and “This fact should serve as a sharp reminder to politicians and challengers involved in House and Senate races this fall; failure to address economic issues will be at the candidate’s own peril.” We’ll second that but the electorate has become wiser to politicians who promise and don’t do. The people are more educated on the economic issues and often seem to know more than their representatives about bills being passed.

Obama has awakened the sleeping giant of the American people. Lets hope its not too late.

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