Laura Ingraham opens up about newest book

July 13, 2010 04:48

“But what we always find is liberalism doesn’t work. And it can be packaged, branded in a really new, entertaining way and it can have a nice family and a dog named Bo…And this guy [Obama] was new and fresh and what we’re finding is that he’s stale and old. He’s just a liberal in a different package.”

By Amanda Carey – The Daily Caller

In her own words, Laura Ingraham’s newest book, The Obama Diaries, is a “new interpretive tool that helps people view the Obamas for what they really are.”

Sound harsh? She’s just getting started.

“I think what we’ve seen over the last 18 months is a constant blurring of fact and fiction by this administration and there’s a lot of razzle dazzle going on,” Ingraham said in an interview with The Daily Caller. “The diary entries punctuate what is an overall narrative of their presidency and in a way that I think is both incredibly entertaining and informative”

Released on July 13, The Obama Diaries is Ingraham’s fourth book. In her latest tome, the talk radio host, conservative commentator, and frequent guest host of the O’Reilly Factor takes a distinct new tone. In between scathing critiques of Barack, Michelle, several members of the administration, and what she calls the “unbelievable marketing operation,” Ingraham includes satirical diary entries that are meant to reveal her targets’ true characters.

In one entry, the president rants in disbelief that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) originally planned to have him accept the presidential nomination in the measly Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. In another entry, Michelle stresses over being properly portrayed in the media as a fashionable gardener, while quickly dismissing the fact that she has never planted one tomato or cucumber plant in her life, let alone pulled a weed.

Other diarists that make an appearance include Vice President Joe Biden (whose gaffe-prone personality is on full display), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (salty language and all), former White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers and Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson.

Everything is used to help Ingraham deliver her central message: early promises of hope and change have not transferred into real, positive action.

“I think a lot of people thought hope and change meant something more than words on a poster,” Ingraham said. “What we’re seeing is that hope and change was a brand. And substantive analysis of what the brand really means to America today – it’s redistribution of wealth, it’s taking over of major industries, it’s demonizing political enemies, it’s incompetence in response to major crises like the Gulf Coast, it’s party central when the rest of the nation is really suffering. It’s the beautiful family, the Vogue cover shots, the iconic pose–all of that is clever marketing. It adds up to, really in the end, nothing to the American people.”


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