MSNBC online illegal immigration “poll” is a trap!

July 14, 2010 04:10

And to participate in the poll is to validate its false premise. If the majority of respondents check “Yes, it’s a good idea”, MSNBC will no doubt report that a majority of respondents “favor racial profiling”. In other words, this “poll” is a trap! Let’s not any of us forget that we are battling against some true masters of propaganda and manipulation!

Stu Tarlowe at American Thinker

What I noticed right away is that MSNBC has deliberately misstated the Arizona law.

The law as written specifically prohibits law enforcement officers from checking someone’s immigration status on the mere suspicion that the person is in the country illegally. What the law calls for is checking immigration status only after a subject has been stopped and/or detained for some other violation.

But the law’s opponents want Americans to think that Arizona police will be stopping people just for “looking” illegal; it’s not so.

So the MSNBC poll is based on a false premise; what a surprise!


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