North Korea anger at US war games

July 22, 2010 04:00

The US and South Korea’s plans to hold joint military exercises pose a major danger to the region, Pyongyang says.

BBC News

Some 20 ships and submarines and 100 aircraft are to take part in four days of manoeuvres in the Sea of Japan (East Sea) from Sunday.

North Korea has also said new US sanctions against it will violate a UN statement issued after the sinking of a South Korean warship.

Hillary Clinton announced the sanctions during a visit to South Korea.

The US secretary of state has now arrived in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, to attend a regional meeting of foreign ministers.

Chinese concerns

The US-South Korean joint military exercises, which will involve about 8,000 personnel and the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington, drew criticism from a member of Pyongyang’s delegation at the regional security forum in Hanoi.

“The decision to hold military drills is a major danger for the security of the region,” said the official, Ri Tong-il.

He said that if Washington and Seoul were really interested in the de-nuclearisation of the peninsula, they would take the lead in creating the conditions under which the six-party talks on the north’s nuclear programme could resume.


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