US Faces ‘Disaster’ from Financial Reform Bill, Bachmann Warns

July 28, 2010 09:28

Rep. Michele Bachmann tells Newsmax that the financial reform bill recently signed into law is a “disaster” that will immediately have a negative impact on average Americans, and should be repealed if Republicans regain control of Congress.

By: Jim Meyers at

The Minnesota Republican also charges that bailout money has been used for “political payoffs,” and says Congress would have to determine whether President Barack Obama’s comments about immigration reform constitute an impeachable offense.

Bachmann was first elected in 2006, and is the driving force behind the creation of the new Tea Party Caucus in the House.

In an exclusive Newsmax interview, she said: “The purpose of the Tea Party Caucus is to listen to the concerns of the mainstream people who are very concerned about the overwhelming growth of government and the growth of government spending.


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