Battles Looming Over First Amendment Rights

August 5, 2010 03:54

With all of the takeovers of various aspects of society by the Obama administration, none are as perilous as the one takeover we could be on the brink of—namely the First Amendment.

FULL STORY By Roger Aronoff at AIM

It is under assault in so many very real ways, and the media are largely silent about it. That is because they are aware of the goals, and they share them. The goal is to silence conservative and Republican voices, to regulate the Internet, to favor certain news organizations—in essence to pick winners and losers when it comes to First Amendment rights and freedom of speech.

With Tuesday’s defeat of the so-called DISCLOSE act in the Senate, the Republicans have beaten back one arrow in a large-scale assault on the First Amendment. But Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has said he will keep bringing it up until it passes. The Democrats view this bill as their best chance to keep this November’s election from being a disaster for them.

FULL STORY By Roger Aronoff at AIM

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