Cancer of Tropic – the Algoreaholics are still at it

August 19, 2010 07:02

Not only is global warming not true, not only is it not proven, but any reasonable person can determine those things by thinking straight with no prejudice.

By at The American Specatator


“Firstly, the theory of global warming currently espoused is only about twenty years old. It was not developed by millions of scientists simultaneously cross-checking data from multiple disciplines. There has been no trillion dollars of governmental research. No Manhattan project, no space program.”

“Secondly, the field of climatology is in its infancy and has never proven itself. It has not demonstrated the ability to predict accurately the weather conditions of the next year, the next decade, the next century. Until quite lately, we never heard of climatology.”

“Thirdly, the theory of global warming has not been tested nor can it possibly be without a few hundred years, perhaps a few thousand years. The first rule of “sound and settled’ science is that a theory must be falsifiable.”

FULL STORY at American Spectator

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