Democrats Play Favorites On Jobs

August 11, 2010 08:27

All this money going to public employee union members thrills labor unions. The Hill newspaper reports that unions plan a massive campaign for Democrats as a reward for this new spending. As soon as the new spending is passed, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka promises: “We will do the most intensive on-the-ground education program that we have done in a number of years.

by John Lott at

“From May to July, 460,000 fewer people had jobs, according to the Labor Department’s Household survey data released Friday. The only reason that the official unemployment rate hasn’t soared is simply because 1.2 million people also gave up looking for jobs and left the labor force. Everyone wants to fix this, but the new $26 billion Democrat job package that the House passed on a largely party-line 247-161 vote today isn’t about creating jobs, it is about taking money from some Americans to give to public employee unions.”


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