Ignoring Glenn Beck — And Us

August 31, 2010 05:58

The American people see the disconnect between “saved” jobs and near double-digit unemployment. They are weary of a government so out-of-touch that once again we seem to have taxation without representation. They see a government making war on job-creators, punishing success and rewarding failure, redistributing wealth while creating none. They see an energy policy that produces no energy in order to save a planet that is not in danger.

From IBD Editorial


‘The movement that met on the Mall and had coalesced into what became known as the Tea Party comes from different parties and, despite what the so-called mainstream media say, different ethnic groups and nationalities. They have one thing in common: They are tired of being ignored. They are opposed to the kind of arrogance that convinces a president that maybe he just didn’t make himself clear enough and he only needs to make more speeches in a perpetual campaign to get it through our thick skulls.’

‘Ignore that crowd on the Mall at your peril, Mr. President. That “certain portion” of the people grows bigger every day and by November your party may lose big in all 57 states you campaigned in.’


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