Letter from a Soldier – why we’re losing

August 26, 2010 06:35

“We’ve been playing the great game in Afghanistan for nine years now. After spending the time here that I have, I’m certain we will be nowhere close to pulling out by July 2011. At best, we probably have another five years here. The main reason is … our military is a superior killing force, and that is not what is called for here.”

by  Robert M. Engstrom at Human Events

The resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal after the debacle of the Rolling Stone article delayed the start of a major Afghan offensive operation under restrictive rules of engagement. President Obama’s replacement, Gen. David Petraeus suddenly went from the vilified Gen. Betrayus of the Iraq troop surge strategy to the best man for the job in the longest war in American history.

The reality is that another capable American general is locked into a war-fighting strategy dictated by an administration that will not fight to win the war against terrorism.

A recently received letter from a soldier serving in Afghanistan is worth sharing for its insight.

“We haven’t fought a nine-year war. We’ve fought nine one-year wars.”

The soldier who wrote that is pursuing a military career; therefore, the lieutenant’s name will not be disclosed. The letter, quoted and paraphrased below, contains no confidential military information disclosures. A Gulf War II veteran, the lieutenant received a commendation for a series of reports containing suggestions on how to improve operations in Afghani villages that were implemented and proven sound. His sobering words about the war belie those of the pundits critical of the war on terrorism and the Presidents who order soldiers into harm’s way.


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