Obama knowingly killed jobs

August 26, 2010 08:16

A damning memo shows the administration knew its oil drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico would kill tens of thousands of jobs but did it anyway. We’re the ones getting drilled.



‘The July 10 memo shows how Michael Bromwich, new director of the Minerals Management Service, told Salazar that a six-month halt in deep-water drilling would result in “lost direct employment” affecting 9,450 workers and “lost jobs from indirect and induced effects” affecting 13,797 more.’

‘He tells Bloomberg that Obama may agree to an October lifting of the moratorium ahead of a proposed Nov. 30 date, claiming credit for the oil spill cleanup efforts of others while promising the jobs will come back. The moratorium may be lifted, but the jobs won’t come back, as new regulations keep remaining rigs idle until perhaps mid-2011.’

‘As damaging as the Deepwater Horizon disaster was, the administration’s actions aren’t about drilling safety. They’re about drilling not at all and slowing things down until an oil and natural gas industry that supports 9.2 million workers nationwide and generates 7.5% of U.S. gross domestic product withers away.’

‘The jarring part is that, starting with the Gulf moratorium, it will all have been done on purpose.’


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