Polygamy: The New Growth Stock

August 9, 2010 09:06

I am bullish on polygamy. It has a bright future. Now that The Very Reverend Vaughn Walker, High Priest of the Church of Political Correctness, has cleared the way for the creation of the oxymoronic idea of “homosexual marriage,” polygamy’s life just got a whole lot easier.

Allen Hunt at Townhall.com

One tiny part of my weekly ritual is to read the wildly popular web site, Post Secret, each Sunday. Post Secret shares anonymous tidbits of those who send in a post card with their secrets declared and/or illustrated. I enjoy discovering what kinds of inner secrets people are carrying around.

Last Sunday, the site’s first display stated, “I’m 25 and finally in a loving, committed relationship. It just happens to be with a married couple” The artwork on the postcard showed a stick figure man holding hands with two stick figure women.

My first thought: if “homosexual marriage” is acceptable, on what basis could one possibly say that this woman’s innovative “marriage” is not? If (as the Rev. Walker has now issued forth in his judicial ruling this week) marriage is a civil right, and marriage is to be defined by an individual person, this 25 year old young woman needs to file a lawsuit seeking recognition of her special union too. She is in a hopelessly disadvantaged state. Her participation in that three-way relationship offers her no legal status as a married person, affords her no tax benefits, and leaves her in an inferior state. She has no claims on the children for whom she cares in that marriage relationship. This young woman is a second-class citizen.


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