Public employee unions: A Marxist SCAM

August 28, 2010 18:41

Government workers, by definition, work for us all.  So why would we want to support a public employee’s union which is demonstrably detrimental to the public’s welfare?


Why do we need public employee unions?

Government workers, by definition, work for us all.  So why would we want to support a public employee’s union which is demonstrably detrimental to the public’s welfare?

Insuring that the costs of government and the delivery of government services is continually rising.

Insuring that productivity and innovation remains unrewarded by substituting seniority for merit.

Creating or exploiting onerous work rules that result in the need for additional non-productive employees who do little more than observe and report the work performed by others.

Insinuating themselves in employee relations which protects the incompetent from being disciplined or fired.

Introducing corruption into the political process as they openly threaten and coerce politicians into giving in to their outrageous demands.

Holding the public hostage in times of budgetary crisis.

Did you vote to produce a privileged class of public employees?

Employees with guaranteed employment for life; regardless of ability, knowledge or competence?

Employees whose salaries and lifetime healthcare and retirement benefits are beyond those found in private industry?

Before you fall for their raison d’être …

In times past, some unions did stand for workplace safety and protecting individual workers against malevolent supervisors and companies. But no longer. Their time has passed. One need only consider that all public employees, as well as employees in the private sector, have access to our legal system and the Administrative agencies necessary to file and pursue a grievance. And that a union is no longer necessary to pursue a legal or financial remedy for employer-related wrongs.

Dishonesty on display …

One need only see the union’s commercials featuring firefighters, police, nurses and teachers to realize that there is a problem.

First-responders: firefighters, police and medical personnel make up a very small percentage of government workers. By intent, design and practice funding for first-responders should receive precedence over all other employees. They are there to protect and preserve the public’s safety and welfare. Any politician who engages in cutting back on these services other than for rational reasons such as reduced service requirements, waste, fraud and inefficiency should be tossed out of office.

Teachers on the other hand are a significantly larger component of the cost equation. While there are many good teachers, this is not a rationale to elevate their service to the level of first-responders. While they may face hazardous conditions in a classroom due to a lack of student discipline and the predisposition to not enforce existing criminal laws, real violence is rare and random. If it is not, someone in the administration needs to be fired. Remember: many teachers hate their union’s leadership and would rather keep their dues in their pocket rather than continue to support corrupt union leaders and their political friends.

Now we come to the sore subject of “cubicle workers.” The bureaucrats and petty tyrants who do not face the public and whose total existence is administrative. In many cases creating arcane rules, regulations and reporting requirements to keep them engaged in a paper-shuffling exercise. There is little or no danger (unless you count paper cuts) in performing these duties.

So when you see those paid commercials featuring people in positions of trust, the first-responders; think to yourself how many thousands of non-front line employees are clogging the system with their paper-pushing lives.

Marxism and the trade unions …

Right through the 19th century you can look around anywhere and ask yourself: “Just who’s in favor of trade unions?” And the answer still is, with the exception of the Marxist movement, almost nobody. Only Marxism as a socialist theory was pro-trade union.

Now, the point that I’m interested in is not only that Marx was the first socialist to favor trade unions. The point is that Marxism was and is the only kind of socialism that establishes an integral link between socialism and the struggle for social revolution and trade unionism. That link does not exist for any other kind of socialism. In terms of socialist theory, Marxism is the only one which establishes an integral link between trade unionism and the social revolution which sees the trade union movement as a revolutionary fact, even if and when the trade unions themselves are not revolutionary. <Source>

If one were to engage in a discussion with the so-called intelligentsia, the elite ruling class, one might find that communism is merely a practical form of Marxist socialism. A political ideology that has proven to fail time-and-time again as it produces a class of “entitlement” workers who are relatively unmotivated – except by fear occasioned by state demands.

The organizer in chief …

Community organizing, especially organizing around the radical Saul Alinsky model, defines Barack Obama and many of his radical Marxist, socialist and domestic terrorist associates.

Never before has our nation faced a clear and present danger of a radical socialist in the White House, a man who appears to set aside national welfare in favor of a toxic political ideology.

By background and environment, we have a man who has been conditioned to view the world through the prism of race and class struggles. Black liberation theology – a Marxist stunt to build the blacks into a cohesive political force using both race and class to create and insure their victimhood. All apparently embraced by the modern democrat party.

While Harry Reid openly wonders why Hispanics would embrace Republicanism, we wonder why blacks would embrace the democrats? Are the so stupid or blind not to see that most black enclaves are in democrat “one-party rule” areas of the nation and that their health and welfare has not improved significantly under democrat rule? Do these people notice or care that the democrats have advocated a breakdown in community morality and responsibility – resulting in promiscuity, predomination of single-parent families, crime, lack of jobs and a general welfare entitlement subculture? One needs only to look at the Church leaders who receive “walking around money” from the politicians and who are feted as “community leaders” to see that the leadership is corrupt. No wonder they embrace Marxism and refuse to engage in the type of individual initiative that is required for their own advancement; both financially and socially. They are taught to embrace language, dress and naming conventions which further isolates them from the mainstream; Ebonics and hip-hop being prime examples.  Yes, they are oppressed by the MAN: but it is the democrat MAN who is promising to relieve them of the very inflictions that bad government is imposing upon them.

But there is a solution.

The answer is to elect “honest brokers” …

Like Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey who has vowed to trim the state’s budget and reduce the waste, inefficiency and corruption in government. A man openly vilified by the unions as he proves that he can reduce state spending and improve the system. Here is a man that stand up for the people – claiming that they can vote him out of office if they do not like what he is doing. A man unafraid to stand up to the unions and demand that they contribute to the solution rather than remain the major part of the problem.

We need to remove democrats from office, especially where they perpetuate racism, unionism and all of the other evils of a failed political ideology.

Consider the aging radical hippy, Jerry Brown, in California who promises us nothing more than rising taxes, more unionism and the type of governance he brought to Oakland as their Mayor. Oakland remains a cesspool of crime, corruption and decay. Brown claims that the crime rate has decreased – failing to note that crime apparently has decreased nationally as the police cook the books by reporting a single offense where multiple offenses occured. Where plea bargaining down felonies to insure a conviction in the rule rather than the exception. Here is the face of the democrat party. Aging, out-of-touch and corrupt. The face of true evil.

Bottom line …

Stand up and vote for “honest brokers” to serve “we the people.” Do not be distracted by manufactured crises and other smoke and mirrors tactics. Keep your eye on the ball. Both parties are corrupt, only the republicans are slightly less corrupt and would restore Constitutional checks and balances back into the government – to halt our slide into Marxism.

55% of Americans in the private sector have lost their jobs, had their pay cut or workload increased. Compared to little or not cuts or reductions in the public employee sector. the fiction of cutting authorized (but unfunded) positions to illustrate cuts is no longer an acceptable fiction. Neither is cuts in an inflated budget when the unobservant can plainly see that government “total dollar spending”  is still increasing. The perfidy and corruption of politicians must stop – and must stop now.

Vote as if your life depended on it – because this time, it surely does.

— steve

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