Race to Nowhere – tear the schools down

August 27, 2010 05:37

The federal government hasn’t got any money, and its creditors are shutting off the credit spigot. The $700 million “won” by New York is pretend money, faery gold that will melt away to nothing when the trumpets sound to herald the great inflation that is coming upon us.

John Derbyshire at NRO


$219.7 million: New standards and assessments, revised curriculum. $177 million: Programs still to be determined that comply with federal education reform priorities. $113.6 million: Improvements at failing schools. $110.3 million: Training of teachers and school principals. $64.2 million: New data systems to track student performance.

Talk about fuzzy! You could drive a coach and four through any one of those item descriptions, and the ed-biz leeches surely will. “Training of teachers and school principals,” for example. How much more training do they need, for crying out loud? You already have to have a master’s degree before they’ll let you do any serious teaching in this state. I suppose the Devil’s Dictionary translation here is: “More sabbaticals and ‘professional development’ time away from the job.” You can bet, at a very minimum, that every one of those spending points will involve the hiring of more people — more public-sector tax-eaters, while the private sector gasps and chokes for air.

Does not everyone by now understand that public money beyond the meager necessities is pure poison to our educational system, a domestic-policy equivalent to the resource curse?’


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