Bias Settlement Now Reparations Slush Fund

September 24, 2010 07:52

A settled lawsuit intended to pay thousands of dollars to black farmers discriminated against by the federal government is instead being used as a billion-dollar slush fund doling out reparations for slavery.

by Audrey Hudson at Human Events


‘Taxpayers are already responsible for $1 billion to nearly 16,000 black farmers under the original lawsuit that was filed in 1997 and settled in April 1999.’

‘Now comes another claim known as Pigford II that was settled in February by the Obama Administration.’

‘There are nearly 74,000 black farmers approved to receive that settlement, bringing the total to more than 85,000 black farmers who stand to receive an average of $200,000 that includes debt and tax relief, King said.’

‘Going back even farther, the Census says there were less than 23,000 in 1987, and 33,000 in 1982, with a high of 57,000 in 1978.

So how is it that more than 85,000 black “farmers” have been approved to receive a payment?

For starters, King says, the court agreement set “such a low standard of proof of discrimination that it has became almost an automatic award.”

You don’t actually have to prove discrimination occurred, and you don’t have to actually be a farmer, King said.’


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