Democrats’ War on the Middle Class

September 16, 2010 06:40

These disastrous policies have rightly caused middle-class Americans to question the President’s dedication to their interests, regardless of the lofty rhetoric he espouses.

by Andrew Moylan at Human Events


‘Up until now, the Democrats’ legislative wish list has included a failed economic stimulus plan which has caused unparalleled increases in the national debt, crippling new taxes on American energy, an extended moratorium on domestic energy exploration, and an unprecedented explosion in government control of our healthcare.’

‘By enforcing the extension of a needless ban on U.S. energy production, the Obama Administration will reduce domestic oil production by 82,000 barrels per day in 2011. This will undoubtedly raise energy prices for working families across the country while also eliminating thousands of needed (and highly-paid) energy-related jobs.’

‘Another attack on the middle class came with so-called “cap-and-trade” national energy tax legislation, which the House passed by a razor thin margin last year. Analysis from the Heritage Foundation found that the bill would increase energy costs for a family of four by $829 while causing gasoline prices to soar by 58% and household electrical rates to increase by 90%.’

‘the “stimulus” will actually cost every American household an additional $8,172 over the coming years.’

‘Perhaps the greatest threat to our economic recovery came in the form of the healthcare bill. ‘

‘the bill foisted another $8,911 in costs on every household over the next decade—that’s without taking into account potential increases in healthcare costs, losses of coverage, or hikes in insurance premiums.’


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