Obama Education Dept. pushes awards to close race states

September 10, 2010 06:05

A study released Friday by the non-partisan think tank, American Enterprise Institute, however, says that in some cases, the winning states for rounds one and quite possibly two, made the cut for political reasons and not because they made strides in education reform.

By Amanda Carey – The Daily Caller


‘Announced in January 2009, RTT is a $4.35 billion fund established in the Recovery Act is supposed to spur states and localities into reforming education systems.’

‘As the study points out, there is a strong correlation between states that won and states that are of great interest to the White House this election season. In other words, states with contested races that threaten Democrats got put at the top of the list regardless of any progress in their schools systems.’

‘Also noteworthy is what the study found concerning South Carolina and Florida. “Based on the data from these independent evaluations and the RTT weights, South Carolina and Florida actually finish first and second, respectively, while round-one winners Delaware and Tennessee finish eighth and fourth, respectively,” says the study.’


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