Obama Misunderstands the Role of the Presidency – its not all campaign all the time

September 2, 2010 05:42

His opinions expose him as more ideologically liberal than originally advertised and also out of step with the preferences of a center-right country.

BY Gary Andres at The Weekly Standard


‘Instead of positioning himself as the leader of the free world or as a post-partisan healer, Obama regularly inserts himself as a combative participant in Washington’s permanent campaign.’

‘These spontaneous outbursts of opinion are unnecessary, revealing, and destructive.  They are unnecessary because as president, he doesn’t need to engage in every local controversy.  That he does paints him as man with more hubris than judgment, who doesn’t understand the nuanced differences between campaigning and governing.’

‘But campaigns don’t have eternal life. “It is at that precise point of triumph that a new leader must be the most disciplined in acknowledging the requirements of a transition from candidate to president,” Jones argues. “The first lesson, then, for a president in a separated system is to learn what is required to do the new job, understanding the campaign experiences and campaign workers have little to offer toward that end.”’


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