Obama’s Rolling Stone campaign speech

September 29, 2010 10:22

In what can only be seen as a campaign style ‘interview’ with leftist Rolling Stone, Obama pitches his tired mantra of how great he is and how misguided anyone who disagrees with him is.

The Rolling Stone interviewer pitched softball setups to Obama in what seemed to be a preplanned question and response session.

The very first ‘question’ is more of an opening statement “When you came into office, you felt you would be able to work with the other side. When did you realize that the Republicans had abandoned any real effort to work with you and create bipartisan policy?” No questions about the promised transparency, the closed (to Republicans) door sessions where taxpayer money was used to buy votes or the refusal to use any suggestions on healthcare legislation offered by the Republicans.

And this really tough one on an important issue. “How do you feel about the fact that day after day, there’s this really destructive attack on whatever you propose? Does that bother you? Has it shocked you?” Waaa waaa waaa, call the waambulance.

And this slow ball right over the plate. “What do you think the Republican Party stands for today?” No mention of cutting spending, smaller government, free enterprise or more liberty just ‘tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans’.

And of course the obligatory hat tip to the Teaparty whoever they are. ‘What do you think of the Tea Party and the people behind it?’ to which Obama is careful not to say they’re ALL nuts but ‘there are probably some aspects of the Tea Party that are a little darker’ and ‘There’s no doubt that the infrastructure and the financing of the Tea Party come from some very traditional, very powerful, special-interest lobbies.’

And for the home run setup ‘What do you think of Fox News? Do you think it’s a good institution for America and for democracy?’  These questions had to have been submitted by the White house staff. Do those people at Rolling Stone have ANY integrity? Obama responded by saying Fox News’ point of view is ‘ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of a country’. At least he didn’t try to say they weren’t really a new organization.

Even though the interviewer brought up the Obama administration’s ties to Wall Street and Goldman Sachs, there was no mention that Obama himself is the all time recipient of Goldman Sachs cash with a total of $1,062,595.

My personal favorite is when Rolling Stone began to question progress in Afghanistan with what seems more ant-war speech than question –

“But by every index we know of, there seems to be no part of the Afghanistan strategy that is working. The Taliban control more of the country than ever. The Karzai regime is incredibly corrupt and has lost the trust of its own people. The program to buy the loyalty of Taliban soldiers, which was used with the Awakening during the surge in Iraq, can’t find enough takers for the $250 million that was allocated to it. The McChrystal offensive in Kandahar also failed. Afghanistan has been called the “graveyard of empires.” In view of the fact that Great Britain failed there, the Soviet Union with millions of troops right on the border failed there — what makes you think we are going to succeed?”

Obama’s first response? “Number one, this is very hard stuff. I knew it was hard a year ago, and I suspect a year from now, I will conclude that it’s still hard, and it’s messy.” gosh doesn’t he just instill confidence as commander in chief?  Maybe Hillary was right. Its scary to think that this is the man who will get the red phone call at 2:00 AM.

And be prepared for over $3 trillion in new taxes. Ignoring all the recent revelations about how fraudulent the IPCC climate report is, the climate-gate emails, the false claims of glaciers melting, the hiding of pre-industrial warming periods and the hundreds of legitimate scientists who have discredited the THEORY of man caused global warming, Rolling Stone makes the presupposition that “climate change is the predominant moral issue of the 21st century, comparable to slavery faced by Lincoln and the response to Nazism faced by Churchill.” and asks if Obama agrees.

Obama gave the usual propaganda hysterical reply “What I would agree with is that climate change has the potential to have devastating effects on people around the globe, and we’ve got to do something about it.”

You get the picture. The questions were not really questions. They were policy statements to allow Obama to expound on his great accomplishments and how his agenda would save mankind if those rascally Republicans weren’t slaves of the rich, the Teaparty wasn’t funded by the dark vast right wing conspiracy and Fox News would just shut up.

Read the whole Rolling Stone campaign speech here

Mike Whipple, Editor

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