Obama’s Secret Link to Hamas

September 8, 2010 13:10

Obama has a disturbing history with activists who support Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and more.

by Buzz Patterson at Human Events


‘In fact, Obama has a disturbing history with activists who support Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and more.’

‘While many Democrats are naturally inclined to support “peace movements,” how many have embraced the support, as Obama did, of Jodie Evans of Code Pink whose group not only supports our nation’s enemies in time of war but has made it policy to besmirch our nation’s servicemen and their families to the point of holding cruel and belittling protests at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center?’

‘Just a few weeks prior to her Hollywood shindig for Obama, for example, Evans and her Code Pink sisters were in Havana conspiring with Fidel Castro and his government seeking ways to pressure the Bush Administration into releasing the terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay. Evans doesn’t draw the line at snuggling up with some of the world’s vilest dictators and despots.
She’s also forged close relationships with  murderous terror groups Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, the Sunni insurgents in Iraq, and, the patriarch of all terror organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood.’

‘Perhaps most egregiously, Evans and her associates also delivered more than $600,000 in cash and “humanitarian aid” to the insurgents fighting and killing U.S. Marines and soldiers engaged in bloody house-to-house combat in Fallujah in December 2004.  Shockingly, Evans’ entourage received logistical support from elected American politicians. In order to successfully deliver aid and comfort to America’s enemy, the women of Code Pink carried letters of support and diplomatic courtesy from Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer of California and Democrat Congressman Henry Waxman of California.’

‘Code Pink’s mission in support of America’s enemies came with the support of official letters from Democrat Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and Democrat Congressman Andre Carson of Indiana.’


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