Polyamorists want court to declare group love legal

September 10, 2010 03:59

Is polyamory the new gay? That’s what John Ince and the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association would have us believe. The protect marriage folks have been warming about this.

By Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun


They define polyamory as a post-modern, secular, non-patriarchal, conjugal relationship that involves a panoply of sexual groupings and gender variations. Ince even suggests that it’s non-sexual and is based in love (amore), not sex.

The groupings can be triads, quadrants or more. A grouping could have one heterosexual woman, two men and a bisexual female. It could be all women or all men. It could include transgender and transsexual persons.’

‘But polyamorists aren’t going the political route yet. Instead, they hope to accomplish reform through the constitutional reference case to determine whether Sec. 293 of the Criminal Code — the anti-polygamy section — is legal.’


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