Reid to force renewable energy mandate in lame duck session

September 1, 2010 05:06

Reid wants to force energy companies to use ‘renewable’ energy whether it is cost efficient or not. The cost as always will be born by you the consumer. Even as global warming is proving to be a hoax, Democrats are clinging to their tax supported ‘green’ polices.

By Ben Geman at The Hill


‘But Reid told reporters on a conference call Tuesday the energy bill is still a work in progress and cited two Republicans who have expressed interest in an RES (Renewable Energy Standard). He did not name them.’

‘Reid also suggested passing energy legislation could be more likely during a lame-duck session. He noted the Senate would resume work after the recess but added, “Maybe, after the elections, we can get some more Republicans to work with us.”‘

‘It would require utilities to provide 15 percent of their power from renewables by 2021, although about a fourth of the requirement could be met with energy-efficiency programs.’


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