The Obama Agenda and the New Global Elite

September 22, 2010 04:44

By wearing a familiar mask of convention, Barack Obama will continue to dupe the majority of Americans into believing that he is — at worst — a run-of-the-mill, far-left liberal, even though he is not.

By L.E. Ikenga at American Thinker


‘However, for many, the notion that Barack Obama could possibly be familiar with, much less ascribe to, the various propositions of (African) post-colonial theory will continue to be dismissed as preposterous. Any attempt to bring to light, for mainstream Americans, its obscure paradigms as they relate to Mr. Obama’s way of thinking will continue to be rejected, in large part, because of these four reasons:’

‘Barack Obama is a sub rosa radical whose political and social worldviews consist of an ad hoc combination of the two varieties of post-colonial theory. But he wears a mask of convention. His elite education, rearing by white grandparents, and upper-middle class career path in law and politics endeared him to an unsuspecting American audience that believed his election would usher in an era of racial, economic, and political peace. However, the man clearly has an alternative agenda that does not reflect the “hope” in which he inspired people to believe during his election. But it does reflect the “change” toward which he said he would push the country:’


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