UN climate commission found flawed in investigation

September 1, 2010 04:40

In sum, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change needs to go back to the drawing board. It must entirely revamp its structure and processes before anyone can take what it says seriously. Cap and trade, carbon taxes or other comparable policy prescriptions, based on the IPCC’s fear-mongering crisis advocacy, will wreck our economy and are likely to make little difference in affecting climate change.

By Joseph A. Klein at Canada Free Press


‘The Inter Academy Council, a multinational organization of science academies, was given a limited charter to examine only the IPCC’s management structure and methods of operation, not to evaluate the underlying scientific conclusions of the IPCC’s fourth assessment report.’

‘Here are just a few examples of the fundamental flaws in the IPCC’s processes that the Council flagged for attention. The initial reaction of the IPCC leadership does not auger well.’

1. No Term Limits

2.  Conflict of Interest

3.  Lack of Transparency

4. Advocacy Rather Than Unbiased Analysis


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