When Prophet and Profit Team Up

September 14, 2010 06:44

For Mexican drug cartels—with access into the U.S. through their smuggling routes—and Muslim extremists—with money to pay dearly for such access—this teaming may be a match made in Heaven. But for us it is one made in Hell.

by James Zumwalt at Human Events


‘For Muslim extremists slaughtering innocent victims, their religion is Islam and there is no god but Prophet Muhammad’s Allah. For the Mexican drug cartels slaughtering innocent victims, their religion is trafficking and there is no god but “profit.” Either force of evil alone creates immense dangers; but when the motivations of “Prophet” and “profit” combine, those dangers grow exponentially. And we are seeing evidence the two are teaming up.’

‘Rep. Sue Myrick (R.-N.C.) has raised concerns with the Obama Administration about indications Muslim extremists and Mexican drug gangs have teamed up.

Signs of this relationship include: Increased bomb-making sophistication based on the first time use in Mexico of a cell phone-detonated car bomb; increasing numbers of Mexican gang members arrested bearing tattoos in Farsi—the language of Iran; use along our borders of new tunnel-digging techniques mastered in the Middle East; and a recent federal court indictment revealing a drugs-for-weapons conspiracy involving Hezbollah and a cartel.’


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