Will The American Spirit Survive Obama?

September 28, 2010 04:25

Not only has Obama vowed to confiscate the wealth of these “American Rockys” — and in his own words, “spread it around” America — but he intends to redistribute their hard-earned money around the world.

By Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker


Like Rocky’s coach, but for sinister reasons, Obama and liberals advise Americans, “Stay down! Striving for personal success is evil. You’re entitled to the fruit of the labor of someone else. Illegal immigration is fine. Enforcing the law is insensitive, heartless, and racist. Competition damages self-esteem. Capitalism is unfair. Expecting immigrants to learn English is cruel and racist. We expect very little of you.”

In the name of “social justice,” King Obama has begun confiscating and redistributing the wealth of Americans who were knocked down by life several times but courageously kept struggling to pick themselves back up and became winners.

Daily assaults by Obama have severely beaten down the spirit of America. He proclaims that the U.S. is no longer — nor should it be — the world economic leader. So how many more Obama brutal punches can the spirit of American exceptionalism endure? Will it survive the Obama regime?


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