Youth Vote Shifts Right

September 29, 2010 05:04

Rock the vote poll shows voters support Arizona immigration law, oppose Ground Zero mosque.

BY Mary Katharine Ham at The Weekly Standard


President Obama will hold a rally in deep-blue Madison, Wisconsin today in an attempt to rally one of his most enthusiastic voting blocs from 2008. But as the president tries to fire up young voters, recent polling shows they’re increasingly cool on the president’s policies.

A September Rock the Vote poll showed the Democratic advantage in party affiliation has been cut in half since 2008—down to 9 percent from 18.

In a broader shift from 2008, and a foreboding one for Democrats, the federal deficit has crept into the issues most important to young people. It places third in the Rock the Vote poll–close behind concern about jobs and the economy and the cost of college–with 66 percent “very concerned” about it. In 2008, the deficit was 12th of 15 issues for young voters.

But the polls do constitute encouragement for Republican candidates to reach out to a demographic many might have considered a lost cause since the election of President Obama.


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