5 Leftist Lies About the Best Source of Oil on Earth

October 25, 2010 11:11

Last week, I reported the news that the U.S. based Tides Foundation is funding Canadian environmentalists who are trying to shut down Alberta’s oil sands industry.

by Kathy Shaidle at NewsRealBlog


Canada provides the United States with tens of millions of barrels of oil that otherwise would have come from Saudi Arabia, the misogynistic sheik-ocracy that most of the 9/11 hijackers called home. But leftists don’t care about that. They’ve recently convinced huge American companies like Bed, Bath & Beyond to boycott Canadian oil.

Now that “climate change” has lost the public’s interest, you’ll be hearing a lot more about the evils of Canadian “blood” oil.

Environmentalist propaganda doesn’t always depend on outright lies. Greenpeace and their comrades often accurately describe what’s happening — but lie about why.

And ask yourself (if you have to) why Greenpeace targets mild-mannered, civilized Canada as an environmental villain, while ignoring the likes of China, where the air is unbreathable and working conditions are appalling.

But like lots of environmental fads, this one will get recycled, too. We’ll hear that, as part of our effort to “get off oil,” we need to promote green jobs.

Obama and the UN like to tout Spain as a country that’s leading the way in “green jobs,” but there’s a problem. As Ezra Levant points out:

…for every single so-called green job created in Spain since the government first embarked on the initiative in 1997, the policy killed 2.2 jobs elsewhere in the economy.  (…) In fact, according to the study’s analysis, were the United States to adopt the same policies as Spain has — just like Obama has said he hopes to — it could expect to create 3 million to 5 million jobs, but it will likely eliminate, based on Spain’s experience, as many as 11 million other jobs in the process.


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