BUSTED! Conyers Meets With Marxists – How Democrat Politics REALLY Works

October 14, 2010 10:32

This post proves a point I have long made: that Democratic Congressmen are willing to collude with marxists in order to promote socialist legislation and to influence the political direction of the United States.

Trevor Loudon at New Zeal


This is how the modern Democratic Party actually works – in partnership (often junior partnership, at that) with hard core marxists.

The tape clearly shows Conyers treating the marxists as friends. He continually refers to the gathering as “we”, as he urges the comrades to rally behind his “beloved 44th president”, Barack Obama.

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) provides an excellent organizing tool (i.e., tactic) through which we can pursue our socialist strategy while simultaneously engaging the broader electorate on an issue of economic populism.

Clearly, John Conyers understands he is among friends, who are just as pro-Obama as he is. In private, Conyers and D.S.A. are right behind their man.

Like Obama, John Conyers has a long history with D.S.A.


Trevor Loudon is the publisher of NewZeal.blogspot.com and sister site, KeyWiki – an online encyclopedia focusing on the U.S. left. Support him if you can. He does a great job with research and breaks many stories on the communist, Marxist, socialist connections in our government.


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