Chuck Norris: 8 Steps To Rebuild America’s Economy (Part 2)

October 12, 2010 10:49

When Barack Obama was elected president, he made claims that he would “go through our federal budget — page by page, line by line — eliminating those programs we don’t need.” But that is just another broken promise in a long line of others.

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With the economy teetering on bankruptcy and virtually every American household making deep cuts and sacrifices, isn’t it way past time, Mr. President, for you and that wayward Congress to identify the programs you’ll cut?

We the people need to appoint representatives who would override Washington’s present fiscal insanity with what I’ll call “8 Economics 101 Steps for Government Dummies.”

First, our Washington representatives should immediately stop any thought, form or legislation that would lead to more federal borrowing or bailouts (unlike Obama’s theory and practice of spending our way to prosperity, which has proved only to be a sure way to sink America). Lawmakers should rescind the remaining funds from TARP, as well as repeal the high-priced health care law.


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