Democratic governorships appear in peril

October 20, 2010 04:26

A Republican election wave could give the party control of roughly two-thirds of state governorships, according to an analysis.

By Joseph Weber The Washington Times


“The only question now is how much will the Democrats lose,” Jessica Levinson, a director at the nonpartisan Center for Government Studies in Los Angeles, said Tuesday.

Mr. Jacobson said his best estimate is that Republicans will have a net gain of seven seats in the 37 gubernatorial races on ballots this year.

He bases that number on Republicans taking the 21 races they appear to be winning, the Democrats winning nine where they are ahead, and the parties splitting the seven tossups. The outcome could have a major influence on the House redistricting battles next year and on President Obama’s expected re-election bid in 2012.

Still, Mr. Schrimpf said, “Where we win is as important as sheer numbers. We’re particularly excited about winning in a majority of swing states.”


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