DOJ Civil Rights Division extorting banks

October 1, 2010 05:53

Justice ordered two AIG bank subsidiaries earlier this year to, among other things, pay $1 million to “qualified organizations” that help “African-American borrowers.” The Civil Rights Division will pick which groups are “qualified” to receive the largesse. No doubt they will look a lot like the radical Chicago community organizers who shook down banks in the run-up to the subprime crisis.

‘Post-Racial’ Racialism –IBD Editorials


In the New Black Panthers case, Justice refused to protect the rights of white voters. Two career prosecutors have now sworn that high-level Obama appointees running the Civil Rights Division scuttled an open-and-shut case of voter intimidation against nightstick-wielding black thugs at a Philly poll in 2008.

They also testified that the division has a do-not-prosecute policy if victims are white and offenders black.

Several banks have been prosecuted for lending discrimination and ordered to set aside millions in loans to blacks — regardless of whether they were victims.

Obama-appointed prosecutors are applying an expanded definition of lending discrimination called “disparate impact,” which argues that bankers are guilty of bias just by failing to actively solicit minority loans or open branches in minority areas. It doesn’t matter if their policies intentionally discriminate or not.

So they sign the order and pay the penalty — and the race bullies at Justice never have to prove their charges. In fact, recently filed court orders include no factual findings of wrongdoing.

These cases aren’t about individual discrimination. They’re about forcing banks to subsidize protected classes and redevelop blighted areas. That’s not justice; that’s politics. Some settlement funds, in fact, are earmarked for inner-city activist groups, even though they are not party to the cases.

But make no mistake, Holder is not acting on his own. He’s taking his lead from the supposedly “post-racial” politician sitting in the Oval Office. After all, it was the president who ordered Holder to “reinvigorate” the Civil Rights Division. It was Obama who got him millions more in funding and dozens more prosecutors.

Separately, the White House is working to expand the race-based Community Reinvestment Act to police mortgage bankers, credit unions and insurers, among other financial institutions.

We are seeing the fruits of all this “post-racial” racialism, and they are rotten.


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