GOP Ready to Probe NPR’s Federal Funding

October 21, 2010 18:19

The tens of millions of dollars in federal funding to National Public Radio (NPR) have come into question after Juan Williams’ firing. Its time to pull the plug on NPR funding.

by  Emily Miller 10-21-10 at Human Events


Kenneth Tomlinson, former chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) which oversees NPR’s federal money said: “This kind of enforced leftwing political correctness is why the CPB and Congress should take a hard look at new regulations governing NPR and public broadcasting.”

CPB funds NPR via three revenue streams. First, CPB gives “occasional grants” to NPR, which totaled $8,015,374 since the beginning of 2009 to date ($4 million a year).

Third, NPR member stations receive funds from a $90 million per year congressionally mandated effort to support public radio stations in the U.S. The specific percent of the $90 million that goes to NPR member stations is unclear.


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