Hispanics lose zeal to turn out vote for Democrats

October 6, 2010 08:19

Hispanic voters still like Democrats more than Republicans, but they are much less enthusiastic about heading to the polls in this year’s elections, according to a broad survey released Tuesday.

By Stephen DinanThe Washington Times


The lack of excitement compared with 2008 could potentially deprive Democrats of a major voting bloc they will need to maintain their majorities in Congress in November.

That enthusiasm gap is stark just two years after Hispanic groups made a major push to register and turn out voters, who overwhelmingly backed Barack Obama for president. A drop-off in support could imperil the president’s party in the upcoming congressional elections.

“Rather, they rank education, jobs and health care as their top three issues of concern for this year’s congressional campaign. Immigration ranks as the fifth most important issue for Latino registered voters,” said Mark Hugo Lopez, associate director of the center and the report’s author.

Mr. Reid, a Nevada Democrat, is counting on a large turnout of Hispanics to boost him in his re-election bid against Republican challenger Sharron Angle.


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