Palin stands with Beck in Soros backed attack

October 29, 2010 06:39

Soros connected Media Matters and leftist charity money laundering group Tides Foundation are publicly pushing Sarah Palin to denounce Beck after failing get Beck off the air through advertiser boycotts.

Media Matters CEO David Brock has not attempted to challenge any facts exposed on Beck’s show but hopes a shrill cry of fear of right wing violence will help silence this thorn in the side of the George Soros network of which Brock and Media Matters are a mouthpiece.

Here is Brock’s plea for Palin’s help:

But Sarah isn’t fooled. In defending Glenn Beck on his radio show Palin said “they’re the same folks that are insisting that I should be ignored because I am the irrelevant hockey mom.”

It appears Brock’s ploy to divide the right and silence the continuing expose of his master ‘spooky dude’ Soros has run in to a mama grizzly.

~ Editor

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