Tea party hopefuls target Education Department

October 26, 2010 05:11

Conservatives have talked wistfully for years about eliminating the Education Department, but a host of Republican “tea party” candidates this election year are saying it’s time to move beyond talk and force Congress to vote.

By Joseph Weber The Washington Times


From West Virginia to Kentucky to Nevada, GOP Senate candidates have said they favor elimination of the Cabinet office, created as a separate department by President Carter in 1979 to elevate the federal government’s profile on what had been considered a primarily local concern.

“I think I would rather have local school boards, teachers, parents, people … deciding about your schools and not have it in Washington,” he [Rand Paul] said in a recent debate with the Democratic candidate, state Attorney General Jack Conway.

Mr. Lee is unflinching in his commitment to “rein in spending and the overreaching federal government,” even if it leads to a government shutdown. But he acknowledged that the Education Department cannot be abolished overnight.


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