Those darn Yemeni Christians are trying to kill us

October 29, 2010 15:42

Or is it the Jews or Catholics or even the Wiccans? No it is the name that shall not be named. Weren’t they all supposed to love us now?

Don’t you feel safer with Obama and Napolitano in charge? They can’t even secure our border with Mexico. Maybe if the 9th circuit lets Yemenis vote in the election all will be well.

Its about time Obama and the terrorist appeasers on the left realize that this jihad is not about politics. These people find glory and honor in killing Americans whether those Americans vote R or D. It will not matter if we become a socialist state and ban Christianity. The goal of jihad is to kill all unbelievers and institute Sharia law all over the world.

Trying to appease them with our wimpy removal of words from our security reports and media just blinds us to the threat. We cannot face the threat if we cannot identify it. How many more Americans will have to die before we take this threat as seriously as it requires.

~ Editor

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